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Normal, fruitful, active life is trivial…

Almost taken for granted - but not for all...

Copli develops a sleekly designed, adjustable, modular and low cost prosthetic leg intended for at-home self-fitting. The solution allows children and adults to work, play and conduct a normal life.

The Copli solution - A disruptive innovation

Developing countries are home to over 8 million amputees mainly due to vascular diseases, trauma, unmarked mines, negligence and lack of medical services.

The vast majority of amputees do not have access to a reasonable solution to their condition. Government health budgets in developing countries are severely limited and concentrated in urban areas, potentially servicing approximately 20% of the population.


The remaining 80% of the population are scattered in villages far away from medical centers with no access to professional lab and technician support required for the customization of existing prosthetic leg solutions.

  • High-accessibility: self-fit at home, no need for lab andprofessional services

  • Lowest total solution cost: direct limb cost<10% of westernprosthesis cost; indirect costs are minimal to zero

  • High quality materials and comfortable fit

  • Sleek design

  • Modular design (S – XL)

  • Home fIT customized socket to fit stump anatomy

  • Adjustable pylon; Unisex; L&R symmetry

  • Low-cost mass production materials

Existing solutions are focused in urban area addressing barely 20% of the population in need.

Copli solution is for everyone everywhere bridging the geographic and demographic barriers

A solution for all
Flipping the ratio

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Comparative Analysis
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